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"And why are you single?"

I don’t hate being single by any means because there is so many great aspects in being young and single, just like there is so many lovely things about being in a relationship. 

But my god, I hate this question.

There is no answer that can be given in the scope of eternity that could accurately respond this question.

Why people ask it, is beyond me?

Maybe they think it’s a conversation starter [when it’s more like a conversation killer] or they might use it to fill those moments of silence in a conversation. Or maybe they think it’s a compliment like “How could yoouuuuuuuu of all wonderful, magnificent people not have found a person who sees all that is great in you?” Usually it’s that nosy aunt, that high school friend you haven’t seen in ages, or even -god forbid- a date that asks this awful question. I don’t know about you, but I want to BOLT when I hear this question or use a ‘pass’ card. I want to ask if I can I use my childhood monopoly game ‘get out of jail’ card? because this feels like jail. I can’t run away from you because I’m not 5 and I’m supposed to be an adult that knows how to gracefully deal with these awkward situations. But okay. In an attempt to be an ‘adult’ I have come up with a response to this question.

So……….you want to know why I am single. Hmmm… I see. What a grand ole question you pose. 

Well you see. I’m pretty fabulous. No. Actually I’m stellar. And I in return deserve someone just as awesome as myself. Someone who doesn’t play games and keeps his promises. Someone who understands mutual respect. And… I have not happen to run into this awesome person as of yet. But I promise you that if I do, and I like their pheromones, and they happen to like mine, and it’s the right timing for both of us, and there is no geographical obstacles, and we want the same things in life, and are of relatively similar intellectual and emotional levels and there is no religious, cultural, or ethnic barriers preventing us from being together, then I will not be single. Oh and I promise… I will make sure that YOU are the first to know since you are so very concerned about this. Of this I promise.

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  13. disastrousdatingdivas said: I also dislike being asked this question, but I do ask on occasion because sometimes guys have reasons as to why they have chosen to remain single, ya know? Like “I wasn’t ready” or whatever bullshit things they come up with haha -Roxy